Grocery stores and supermarkets around the country are navigating a variety of challenges and trends that are shaping the industry. As online shopping and grocery delivery continue to grow, it’s important for supermarkets to find ways to stay competitive and maintain their status as the preferred choice of their customers. A simple yet powerful tool to keep up with the demands of today’s customers is the card solutions you offer. 

As a leading card solution vendor for grocery stores, we’ve worked to serve our customers and supply them with solutions that fit their needs for nearly 30 years. 

Three Card Solutions for Grocery Store Employees and Customers

Here are three specific ways that grocery stores can maximize the card solutions for employees and customers to improve the customer experience: 

1. Physical & Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards have always been a fail-proof marketing tool for grocery stores—especially when it comes to holidays and special occasions. But as consumers face new economic challenges, gift cards have become increasingly important. According to the latest consumer surveys, 17% of consumers have purchased gift cards to counteract higher prices in 2022. Many consumers are turning to gift cards to help offset the cost of everyday purchases they get from a grocery store or supermarket. 

At the same time, economic challenges have also impacted consumer eating habits. Specifically, more than half of consumers (55%) are eating at home more.

With an intentional gift card program, grocery stores have an opportunity to support the economic challenges their consumers are facing. 

2. Loyalty Cards & Keytags 

Personalization and loyalty programs are two ways that grocery stores can keep customers coming back despite the challenge of rising prices and supply chain shortages. It’s worth noting that grocery is the top industry in which customers are willing to pay for a premium loyalty membership

At Card Market, we’ve worked with grocery stores to design and create loyalty cards for years. We’ve seen how membership programs and loyalty cards can increase retail sales and provide grocery stores with numerous benefits to counteract the new challenges they face.  

3. Employee ID Badges

Employee ID badges are a final card solution that can help grocery stories create more meaningful experiences for customers. In today’s world, there are numerous benefits a grocery store and its customers receive when the employee wears the ID badge. In addition to using employee ID badges for identification and security purposes, grocery stores can also use badges to help employees engage with customers. Adding an employee’s tenure, department, specializations, or other unique facts to an ID might spark a deeper connection with customers. 

Create Cards that Help Your Grocery Store Stand Out

At Card Market, we can help you personalize your plastic card products to support your business needs and enhance the experience you create for your customers. We have decades of knowledge and experience in the industry to help you determine which products are best suited for your needs. Contact us today to learn about the specific ways we can support your business.