At Card Market, we specialize in providing full spectrum gift card services from design to printing; but our commitment to the success of your gift card campaign doesn’t end there. We also provide post-sale support via our Admin Panel services. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage customer service and sales with confidence. 

Our Admin Panel is complimentary to all Card Market Pro and Card Market Express users. With this tool, users are able to send new cards, reset the balance of sent cards, and view sales numbers—to name just a few services. Our signature Fraud Shield is also included, which will prove to be a vital component of your gift card security while reducing chargebacks!

In this article, we will discuss the features of Card Market’s Admin Panel and how this feature can provide peace of mind as you manage gift card security for your business.

We Provide the Tools & Support

Card Market strives to use our industry expertise to provide quality technical support and management tools, which complement our products. You are the expert of your own business, and we hold the gift card knowledge; our goal is to offer services that enhance what you already bring to the table. You deserve to design and implement your own gift card campaigns without the extra worries of fraudsters and chargebacks!

Here’s what you’ll enjoy about our Admin Panel: 

1. Our dashboard allows you to easily view all remaining card inventory—no more scrambling when you notice the gift card display is running low! The Home screen of the dashboard displays the remaining inventory of both physical and virtual gift cards; the text will display in red rather than green if inventory is becoming low.

2. The organized display allows you to quickly find order details, including the order number, submission date, status, and the location of the transaction. You can also choose from the actions of “Find Order,” “Create Order,” and “Held for Review,”so that you can easily identify and manage orders.

3. The “New Order” tab makes it easy to order gift cards by simply choosing the design needed and entering shipping information. 

4. The dashboard offers the tools needed to troubleshoot problems that arise with virtual gift cards, including resending e-cards to customers if they have been lost or failed to activate.

5. You can easily perform access control to gift card management using the Admin Panel by creating, viewing, and editing user profiles. Profiles are customizable according to specific needs; you can control specific order level permissions for each user including editing card details and approving and denying any held orders.

6. The Admin Panel also features our signature Fraud Shield, which protects merchants against chargebacks caused by fraudsters. Chargebacks are the number one threat to gift card merchants; we have taken great measures to bring you safety and peace of mind with this tool.

Are You a Merchant Looking for the Right Gift Card Solution? 

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