Sell Your First Gift Card in 5 Easy Steps

So, you’re ready to add gift cards to the list of ever-growing products and services that your business offers. You might be feeling overwhelmed while trying to determine the first step; after all, there are many different elements of a successful gift card campaign. However, with the right guidance and support, gift card sales will become a natural and streamlined aspect of your business in no time!

Creating and implementing a gift card campaign is well-worth the time and effort. Gift cards are a great way to effortlessly grow your customer base as long-time customers introduce newcomers via the cards. They are also excellent resources to track sales trends. Basically, what we’re saying is—let’s get started!

Here are five steps to take while planning to implement a successful gift card campaign.

1.  Find a Gift Card Expert

Running a business is often quite a juggling act. We understand the desire to be involved with every aspect of the business you’ve worked so hard to create, but remember, it’s impossible to be the expert of everything. Being a successful business manager is equal parts expertise and knowing when to seek out quality business partners.

We recommend you find a gift card company that can guide you through the entire process, from production to shipping. A “one-stop-shop” will lend itself to a more streamlined communication process, which will save you a headache (or two or three).

2. Design a Card that Reflects Your Brand

Your gift card should promote the visual identity that your marketing campaign has previously established. You should strive to be consistent with your logo, colors, and fonts so that your customers may easily associate the gift card with the business. 

With that being said, have fun with it! Create an eye-catching sleeve or envelope for your gift cards so that customers will be drawn to them while in the check-out line. 

3. Establish Guidelines & Train Employees

The best way to avoid customer disputes and miscommunication is by establishing gift card guidelines before launching your campaign. This will involve researching national gift card usage rules and regulations; for example, it is a federal law in the United States that gift cards can not expire for at least five years after purchase.

Go ahead and spend some time planning how you wish for gift cards to function within your business plan. Will you have special promotions to immediately promote the launch? Or maybe you will plan for holiday promotions? It’s also important to consider purchase limits and loyalty rewards. 

Most importantly, make certain that all of these guidelines and information are communicated to employees—it’s vital that you are all on the same page!

4. Provide Online Access

Over the last year, online gift card sales have rapidly increased, making it even more important that customers have the ability to purchase and redeem gift cards online. If you do not already have a cloud-based POS system, now would be a great time to begin exploring whether it is a good fit for your budget. Online gift card access will increase sales simply by the convenience factor, and anything you can do to improve the customer experience is a win!

5. Create a Marketing Campaign

Now you’re ready to tell the world about your new gift card availability! The two equally important channels to do this: in-store and online—don’t skimp on either. 

Card Market’s design center offers several in-store display options, including tiered and acrylic shelving. A display such as this should be eye-catching for customers to see while making purchases. This can be ideal for those potential last-minute upsell opportunities that a customer might want to take advantage of upon checkout. An additional in-store marketing resource is the employees; make certain that they are informed of appropriate ways to promote gift cards to customers checking out.

Utilize online marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to inform your followers that gift cards are now available in-store and online. The best marketing posts are the ones that come off natural, so a casual picture and announcement will do. Be sure to commit to regularly reminding followers of gift card availability, especially around the holiday season.  

Let Your Gift Card Sales Begin

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