We understand— You want to stand out as much as possible being in the restaurant industry. Throw in a global pandemic, and the aspect of uniqueness and accomodations is even more dire. 

We’re here to help you successfully stand out from the competition by strategically increasing your brand awareness with plastic card marketing. As you may know, we offer digital and print, high-quality gift cards for a variety of industries. But, did you know we offer more than that? Here are a few other ways we can help your business stand out within the industry.

Loyalty Cards

For many of us, even if just slightly, we find some satisfaction with receiving points toward future purchases. We’re here to help you earn that little sense of fulfillment from your customers with customized loyalty cards. From a complimentary appetizer to a birthday dessert, your customers will be pleased to display their loyalty, which will increase as the rewards continue to grow.

RFID & Contactless Technology

What if we told you that the days of manually entering contact information were over? With over a year filled with fear of shaking someone’s hand or anxiety about wasting too much time, Card Market is up to date on trends and has the perfect solution for your consumers or business partners who are on the go. 

Radio-frequency identification (RDIF) cards make sharing information easier than ever. With one quick phone tap on the card, all the information your target needs is with them indefinitely.

Business Cards

Trust us when we say “we’ve got you” when it comes to marketing your company. Business cards are a tried and true method to impress consumers and keep them coming back. Our waterproof (aka food and beverage proof) cards are meant to keep your business partners coming to you for all of their catering and corporate orders. 

Unexpected changes happen, but we’re here to help restaurants thrive through whatever circumstances may bring. 
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