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Public Libraries

Plastic cards for public libraries by Card Market

Building Community Through Your Library’s Custom Cards

Public libraries are central to community engagement and learning. Embrace this role with Card Market’s custom plastic card solutions, designed for convenience and a sense of belonging. Tailor these cards to your library’s unique brand, offering your members a personalized and secure experience.

From membership access to book checkouts, our cards provide practicality and a modern touch, reinforcing the library’s status as a vital community hub. Enhance your library’s connection with its patrons through these custom, high-quality plastic cards.

Library Cards

Enhance awareness, security, and visual appeal by customizing your library membership cards or key tags.

Reward Cards

Reward your members’ summer reading activities with high quality, branded VIP rewards cards in a variety of options.

ID Badges

Control access with custom staff badges and identification that looks great and is easy to produce.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to maximize the power of plastic cards and badges for a variety of promotional opportunities, Card Market is here to help! Contact us today to learn to discuss which products are best suited for your institution, as well as a variety of data and finishing options.