The gift of relaxation is one of the best gifts someone can receive. Teachers, parents, employees, friends, and family all appreciate the encouragement to take a moment for themselves to rest and rejuvenate. This year’s State of The Salon and Spa Industry Report shows that the wellness industry will continue to see increased growth in 2022. How can you capture the new growth in this industry? One essential component of your marketing approach must be a gift card solution that integrates perfectly with your existing systems and sales pipeline. Here are three ways to market your spa gift cards effectively.

1. Use Spa Gift Cards as a Referral Tool

One of a gift card’s primary strengths is its use as a referral tool. How? Although gift cards are occasionally purchased for a customer’s own future use, gift cards are far more often given to friends, family, and colleagues.

Every single time a new person is given or redeems a gift card, it’s an opportunity to turn that individual into a repeat customer. You can increase the appeal of first-time purchases by offering incentives, complimentary gifts, or special offers to first-time visitors to your spa. Whether it’s a plush robe, on-trend nail polish, or even a complimentary beverage, first-time visitors will appreciate the attention and may be inspired to book a second service—or even purchase a gift card for someone else they know. 

2. Use Spa Gift Cards to Build Brand Awareness for Your Spa

Well-designed, branded gift cards are well worth the investment. The paper gift certificates of the past can’t compete with the durability and flexibility of branded gift cards for ease of issuing, data collection, the ability to reload amounts, and pure aesthetic appeal. In the wellness sector, appearance is everything.

Shouldn’t your gift cards match the careful attention to design and customer experience of your spa? Every time someone gifts or uses a branded gift card, it’s an opportunity to position your brand in front of new eyes and a potential repeat customer – don’t waste that chance. 

3. Use Spa Gift Cards To Increase The Amount of Your Spa’s Average Sale

There are two ways to use gift cards to increase your average sale amount. First, it’s important to understand that when consumers use a spa gift card, they are extremely likely to spend more than the amount on the gift card itself.

Recently, the average amount spent over the value of a gift card rose to $59. For many spas, this is equal to the value of a service they provide, greatly increasing the value of each gift card they sell. Gift cards can also increase your average sale amount because consumers often use gift cards to treat themselves to premium spa services that they would not invest in without the amount of a gift card. These two facts paired together make a gift card marketing strategy essential for any spa or wellness brand. 

Increase Gift Card Sales with Card Market

If your salon or spa is new to offering gift cards or if you want to enhance your existing gift card marketing strategy, reach out to us today to start designing, printing, and promoting your gift cards.