Unfortunately, in-store gift card sales promotion is often approached passively by restaurant and store owners. When in reality, it is essential to take proactive measures to boost your in-store gift card sales! 

As we have mentioned before, successful gift card campaigns require a lot of detailed planning. It comes as no surprise that after the effort of designing and ordering cards from a trusted third party, integrating gift card sales into your social media strategy, and developing holiday promotions, minimal energy is left to put towards in-store display and advertising. 

Despite this, we are here to tell you thoughtful, in-store gift card displays and promotion strategies are worth the effort! Studies show that consumers will most often spend more than the value of the gift card. In addition, gift cards also serve as invaluable marketing tools, expanding your customer base and rewarding your long-time loyal customers.

In this article, we will discuss how business owners may successfully promote and display their gift cards in their store or restaurant.

Display in High-Traffic Areas

When it comes to displaying gift cards, a cardinal rule is to place them where your customers can’t miss them! A prime spot to display gift cards in-store is the hostess table, where customers will immediately see them upon entering the building. The point-of-sale counter is also a perfect place to display gift cards since customers will be in the area waiting in line and completing their purchase for enough time to see and consider a gift card. 

Take Advantage of Restaurant Display Opportunities

Promoting gift cards within restaurants comes with the unique advantage of customers being in your building for at least thirty minutes each visit—plenty of time to draw their attention to your gift cards! 

Aside from this advantage, there are also various print options that make the perfect canvas for gift card promotions! Consider placing an insert in the menus, the table tent, or the tabletop tablets; these are areas your customers couldn’t possibly miss!

Make Your Employees Gift Card Ambassadors

Carefully considering where to display and promote your gift cards within your store is a great idea. But remember: the goal is to be proactive in your approach, which means actively promoting your gift cards! The best way to do this? Train all employees to incorporate gift card promotions into their customer communications. 

Your employees should inform customers of any special gift card promotions at the register as part of an add-on strategy or while bringing the check to a table. Another idea is to create buttons for employees to wear on their aprons or uniforms that say something along the lines of, “Ask me about our gift cards!” 

Card Market is Here to Help

Choosing to work with a trusted gift card provider is an important part of a successful gift card campaign. Card Market is a one-stop shop for all your gift card needs—from design to printing and even display. We provide three-tier and acrylic display stands to fit your in-store gift card promotion needs!

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