Las Vegas, Nevada – Leading point of sale solution provider, KORONA POS, has forged a strategic alliance with Card Market, a key player in the gift card sector. This partnership promises retailers a seamless blend of top-tier customization, quality, affordability, and quick delivery times.

By collaborating, both entities aim to help businesses design gift cards reflecting their unique brand essence. This isn’t limited to just design. The partnership also enhances the gift cards’ functionality, ensuring a tailored retail experience.

Till Freier, CEO of Combase USA, noted, “The core of our mission is our merchant’s success. Integrating our POS technology with Card Market’s gift card prowess gives retailers a chance to provide a richer shopping experience, helping attract and retain customers.”

With an emphasis on quality, the partnership guarantees that each gift card meets rigorous industry standards. Retailers can expect robust, visually appealing cards that resonate with their audience.

Timeliness is crucial, especially during high-demand periods. Card Market’s quick turnaround promises businesses timely delivery of their tailored gift cards.

Security features like QR codes and scratch-off labels adapt to both new-age and traditional preferences. Additionally, detailed tracking offers insights into card usage patterns, aiding businesses in refining their gift card strategies.

The partnership with Card Market grants KORONA POS unmatched flexibility in the gift card domain. This positions KORONA at the industry’s forefront, offering businesses tailored solutions that emphasize security and efficiency.

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About Card Market:

Card Market stands as a reliable pillar in the gift card landscape, specializing in high-quality, customizable gift card solutions that drive customer engagement and loyalty.