Let’s face it… the idea of running an omnichannel gift card program—with online and in-store gift cards, alternative gift payments, and detailed reporting—can seem overwhelming.

But what if it wasn’t? That’s the question that inspires us at Card Market. Every day, we provide merchants and POS providers with innovative gift card solutions that meet the expectations of today’s consumers without adding burdens or additional complexity.

Datacap Gift is our latest solution to provide merchants and POS providers with a turnkey platform to manage their omnichannel gift card program. By partnering with Datacap, a leading hardware and processor-agnostic omnichannel payments provider, we’ve created one of the best gift card platforms for businesses in every industry—from local retailers to restaurant franchises.

Datacap Gift: A Game-Changer for Your Gift Card Program

Here are a few of the specific benefits that merchants can experience through Datacap Gift:

1. Provide an omnichannel gift card program for your customers

Today’s consumers want the ability to purchase and manage gift cards in the way that is most convenient for them. Datacap Gift allows merchants to sell, load, and redeem gift cards online or in-store for a consistent experience across all channels.

2. White-label your gift card platform for a seamless branding experience

User experience matters to consumers, especially when it comes to design. Datacap Gift allows you to white-label all aspects of your gift card program, from custom-branded physical gift cards to your reporting dashboard.

3. Manage your gift card program with valuable insights and detailed reporting

Datacap Gift provides 24/7 reporting for solution providers and merchants. This allows you to get a real-time glimpse into your in-store and virtual gift card transactions.

4. Provide customers with more options to manage their gift cards

Datacap Gift integrates the latest technology to help you keep up with consumer demands. You can add alternative gift card payment options for users, and cardholders can check their gift card balances online or via a QR code.

5. Make it easy to manage multiple locations

Managing gift cards as a franchise or business with multiple locations can be incredibly difficult. With a platform specifically designed for multiple locations, Datacap Gift uses shared reporting features to help you manage gift cards across multiple locations.

6. Easily migrate from your current gift card platform

Datacap Gift offers turnkey access to hundreds of POS ISVs already integrated into Datacap. You can click here for a full list of features by processor. Our team can also work with you to offer Datacap Gift on a terminal.

7. Keep your gift card program secure with the latest fraud mitigation technology

When selling gift cards, it’s important to understand what safeguards to put in place. Datacap helps protect merchants with fraud mitigation detection, max value limits, PIN, and other additional resources.

Getting Started with the Datacap Gift Card Platform

At Card Market, we believe that part of our role is to make it easy for merchants to leverage the latest technology to manage their gift card program. Rather than simply being a gift card vendor, we see ourselves as a partner who works to support your needs and help you grow your business.

We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Datacap and the opportunities this platform will create for merchants and POS providers. Our reseller partners will now have a significantly larger addressable market, and merchants nationwide will have access to critical gift card sales revenue through their existing point-of-sale solutions.

Interested in learning more about Datacap Gift? Check out a quick demo here.

If you’re a merchant or POS provider who currently integrates with Datacap, connect with our team to learn more about getting started with Datacap Gift. If your point-of-sale application isn’t yet integrated into Datacap Gift, our team can help you get started.