Since consumers routinely spend over the amount on a gift card, they’re a wonderful way to increase revenue and gain new customers, especially over the holidays. If you’re ready to dive into your gift card marketing campaign this year, we have a few tips for how to get started. First, let’s start with the basics. 

1. Decide on the Promotion You Want to Run

A gift card promotion or giveaway can attract tons of new eyes to your brand if it’s planned and executed well. To develop a marketing campaign that matches your goals, reflect on what’s working for your brand. Is there a specific item that you’re famous for? What sales or promotions lead to the biggest response from your base? What offers result in a high level of positive feedback? With these answers in mind, decide if you want to offer a sale on gift cards, a BOGO offer, or a percentage off the total amount of a gift card. Gift card promotions are especially popular during the holidays when they can be used to buy gifts and services. According to the National Retail Federation, over 50% of a large sample of gift-givers planned on giving a gift card in the next year, so it’s well worth having a gift card promotion ready for those motivated buyers. 

2. Leverage Social Media, Email, and Word of Mouth

When promoting your gift cards, use the marketing channels at your disposal.

  • Social Media: Share your gift card promotions with your social media followers on all of your active platforms.
  • Email: If you have a newsletter list, send out an email explaining your promotion with plenty of links for them to shop or learn more.
  • Word of Mouth: Make sure to tell every customer that you come in contact with about your gift card promotions. Train your employees to do the same!

3. Track The Outcome Of Your Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign’s effectiveness can only be judged by the data you collect. Thankfully, most social media and email marketing tools have robust tracking and analytics that can help you measure the impact of your gift card campaign. You can view clickthru numbers, conversion rates, average gift card amounts purchased, and even more. Tracking your gift card campaign will help take its impact out of the shadows and let you see just what a gift card campaign can do for your brand’s revenue. Brands that work with Card Market have seen $50,000 increases in revenue from running just a single month of a gift card promotion.

Run Compelling Gift Card Campaigns with Card Market

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