Brands want to give back in order to help support a good cause, to spread the word about their business, and to make new connections within their communities. Giving to a charitable organization cause can also help a business share its values and priorities with others. Many brands sponsor yearly events or volunteer with nonprofits, in addition to giving money to causes they support. For an even more creative approach to supporting charities, consider donating gift cards to local organizations. It’s a simple, innovative way for brands to uplift their local communities and hopefully gain some new customers along the way. 

Gift Cards Allow Flexible Purchasing

When an organization receives a gift card, it can determine the best time to use the gift card and the best purchase to make for the organization. That kind of flexibility is essential for nonprofits. There’s a reason gift cards often top a nonprofit’s list of “helpful donations.” Rather than purchasing what you feel would be most helpful, you put the purchaser in the driver’s seat, allowing them to determine how best to use your charitable gift. 

Gift Cards Can Encourage Additional Purchases  

When a community organization receives a gift card, they have an opportunity to buy from a brand they may not be familiar with. Even something as simple as a gift card for ice cream given to a local school’s school softball team can provide a joyful memory that sticks with the players. There’s something fantastic about being able to gift a product or service you know people enjoy. If they have a positive experience, they’re more likely to use that product or service in the future.  

Gifts Cards Help Charitable Organizations Track Finances 

Nonprofits are held to a high standard of transparency and accountability in their finances. They must carefully log all contributions and gifts they receive, and detail exactly how those contributions are used. For physical items donated, each object must be cataloged and assigned a monetary value. Cash gifts must be logged in financial software to track how it was spent. Gift cards for a specific product or service are much easier for nonprofit organizations to track. Since the gift card is only accepted by a specific vendor, the use of the gift is clearer. For organizations who can be stretched thin due to a small staff, this information can be very helpful when calculating year-end statements or filing taxes.

Gift Cards Can Supercharge Fundraising 

Many charitable organizations hold several fundraising events every year, and gift cards can be a huge boon to those events. When events are held online, gift cards are a wonderful item to bid on for remote supporters. Unlike bulky gift baskets or signed memorabilia, gift cards are easy to ship, and can be tucked away unobtrusively until the recipient is ready to redeem them. 

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