Summer is the busiest time of the year for theme parks, amusement venues, and game centers. But as consumer expectations change, it is important for amusement parks and entertainment venues to find new and creative ways to keep customers coming back. 

An innovative approach to gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership programs can make the difference when it comes time for potential customers to decide between your park and a competitor. An effective strategy to sell theme park gift cards or an innovative loyalty program can keep your brand top-of-mind so that visitors will keep coming back for hours of fun! 

With summer right around the corner, we wanted to share a few specific ways you can increase brand awareness and revenue with a compelling gift, loyalty, or membership card for theme parks and amusement parks.

1. Gift “A Day of Fun” At Your Amusement Park or Venue

In today’s economy, many consumers are still looking for fun and entertaining experiences that don’t break the bank. Customers are also looking for cost-effective ways to choose theme parks to visit. One simple way to sell more gift cards is by promoting them as “a day in the park” rather than a specific dollar amount. This positions the investment differently than simply putting a dollar amount on the gift card. It also provides grandparents, parents, and friends with a unique opportunity to “gift” this to people they love. 

Card Market’s gift card solutions allow you to offer printed or online gift card solutions that are guaranteed to surprise and delight recipients. 

2. Create a VIP Experience with Loyalty Cards 

For today’s consumers, loyalty programs enhance the perks of visiting a theme park and make it much more attractive. Loyalty programs also encourage people to visit a theme park more often, spend more time in the park, and engage more online.

There are many different types of loyalty programs, including points, tier-based, cashback, and surprise and delight programs. By offering exclusive benefits, amusement parks can give an incentive to purchase a membership for any visitors who are hesitant about joining a loyalty club. 

3. Invest in a Gift Card Design that Stands Out

One strategy for your membership card design is to choose a design that showcases what’s unique about your amusement park or entertainment venue. According to a recent survey from Fiserv, nearly half of consumers prefer customized packaging when asked what design innovation they would like to see. Using your membership card design to highlight what makes your establishment unique helps further differentiate you and your membership program from competitors.

Card Market’s member card solutions can help you enhance brand awareness, security, and visual appeal by customizing your daily or annual admission passes.

Make this Summer One that You & Your Visitors Will Never Forget

Summer is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to implement these ideas into your strategic marketing plan. Card Market’s card solutions for amusement and theme parks can help you by handling all the heavy lifting of your gift card and loyalty program design and printing. If you’re ready to maximize the power of gift cards and plastic cards for a variety of promotional opportunities, Card Market is here to help! Contact us today to learn which products are best suited for your business and all the ways we can enhance your marketing this summer.