Are you looking for a way to increase your customer loyalty and your revenue? Selling your gift cards online is an excellent way to achieve both. Your customer will love the convenience of buying their gift cards on your website, and you will, quite literally, increase your revenue in your sleep. 

Online gift card sales allow your customer to:

  • Buy gifts for their loved ones without leaving the house
  • Pick up a last-minute gift when they’re short on time
  • Do their holiday shopping in record time
  • Send a gift card to a loved one immediately via email

By presenting your business as a convenient go-to, you allow your customers to share your products and services with those they care about—without a great deal of effort. You can always be there for them, without having to be face-to-face to make the sale. Now, are you ready to start selling gift cards on your website? Here are four easy steps to get you started. 

1. Choose a Trusted Gift Card Service Provider

Business owners and managers need reliable partners. You want a gift card provider you can trust—a company that will deliver quickly, on time, and with excellent customer service. Identify a provider with a longstanding reputation that will take care of you and your customers.

2. Add a Customizable Shopping Cart to Your Website

Card Market enables you to add a shopping cart to your existing website. This tool is customizable to align with your current branding and gives your customers an easy way to purchase a physical or virtual gift card. Your physical cards can be sent in a customized mailing package that is representative of your branding, as well. And, of course, customers can add a personalized message to their gift. 

3. Advertise Your New Offering to Your Audience

Once your gift cards are available on your website, you can begin marketing the new feature to your current and future customers! Market to customers via social media platforms, email, and on the homepage of your website. Train your staff to inform customers that they can buy gift cards online and add signage to your displays that also share that information.

4. Track Your Gift Card Sales and Web Traffic

Once you’ve had time to promote your online shopping cart, it’s crucial to track your gift card sales and web traffic to better understand how your new online platform is affecting your revenue. You can easily use reporting tools to review sales metrics and compare your sales to previous years. Use this information to see how your customers’ gift card shopping habits have changed. 

Gift Card Purchases are Impulse Decisions

70% of gift card purchases are impulse decisions! By providing your customers with the tools to buy a gift card whenever the mood strikes, you can increase your revenue, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Card Market empowers merchants to sell physical and virtual gift cards from their current website, while allowing you to customize your shopping cart to align with your branding.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to begin planning your online gift card sales.