Is there truly a better marketing tool than a hotel key card? It doesn’t get much better than a billboard that stays in your customers’ pocket at all times. As the hotel industry has developed, hotel key cards have become much more than a necessary tool for a hotel guest; they also offer a world of marketing possibilities. 

In this blog, we share a few ideas to really make your hotel key cards build your brand:

Design your Key Cards to Align with Your Brand

There is roughly 3×2 inches of space on a standard hotel key card. This means you have a small square of space to pack a lot of punch with your design details. First and foremost, ensure that your key card reflects the most recognizable element of your physical branding—the logo, font, and color scheme should all be immediately recognizable to the guest. 

The average guest looks at their hotel key card eight to ten times a day. This means you’ve got eight to ten “commercial breaks” throughout your consumer’s day. The key is to make certain that the quality of these advertisements are top notch. Your branding should come across so seamlessly that it becomes synonymous in the consumer’s mind with the comforts they experienced each and every time they swiped their card.

Work with a Reliable Partner

So, what’s the first step to utilizing your hotel key card as a portable and effective billboard? Choosing a printing partner you trust to make a quality product on your timeline. Card Market provides all the necessary services in-house—we design, print, encode, wrap, and ship all within our facility in Nolensville, Tennessee. 

One great benefit of collaborating with the Card Market team is just that—a collaboration between our branding, design, and supply experts with your company. We take special care to learn about your brand and your vision, then we get to work, making your vision a reality.

Think Outside the Card Sleeve

An often-missed opportunity for additional branding exposure is a card sleeve to hold the hotel key card when initially given to the guest. Though less permanent than the card itself, the sleeve is there to make a lasting first impression.

One guaranteed way to get more mileage from this piece of branding? Make it double as a coupon. You may either reward the guest for using your services by offering a discount or accommodation for a subsequent stay; or you may even partner with a surrounding business and offer a discount at a restaurant or attraction. 

The benefit of doubling the sleeve as a coupon is that, while it contains your hotel branding, more people will be exposed to it as the guest carries it to a different business with a new pool of potential customers.

Card Market is here to meet all your card-branding visions a reality, from start to shipping. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!