Most gift card sales are impulse buys. A customer is checking out at the store when they notice the gift card rack and decide it would make the perfect gift for an upcoming event. There is only so much that a store can do to increase this type of behavior and boost sales at a store. However, by bringing gift card sales to your company’s website, you can increase your sales overnight. Here are a few helpful ways you can increase your gift card sales overnight.

1. Sell gift cards on your website. 

Card Market offers an easy, customizable shopping card that you can add to your website. With this simple add-on, you can sell gift cards 24/7/365 on your website, even when your store is closed. Adding online gift cards to your site opens your business up to a whole new customer base for gift cards.

2. Make spontaneous online gift card buying possible.

The gift card shopping cart add-on mimics the longstanding retail convention of placing gift cards near the check out lane. Customers see the gift card option when checking out and can add it to their other purchases at the spur of the moment. Card Market’s customizable shopping cart allows customers to purchase physical gift cards and have them shipped or a digital gift card that is delivered instantly via email.

3. Keep it simple.

Customers are more likely to purchase a gift card online if it’s quick and easy. Card Market’s customizable shopping cart couldn’t be more simple. It allows customers to add a gift card to their purchase with just the click of a button. Whatever method you decide on to add gift card purchases to your website, make sure it’s easy and free of technical issues.

4. Market your cards.

Once you get gift cards on your website, you need to let your customers know that they are there. You can market gift cards the same way you would any other product. Push gift cards via email, on social media, and in your regular advertising. You can also highlight gift cards on your website through banner ads and menu options.

5. Sit back and watch your sales soar.

Once you’ve set up gift card purchases on your website and crafted a marketing plan, there’s nothing more to do than watch gift card sales roll in. Businesses can even automate their marketing materials to save time and resources. 

Rest Easy as Your Gift Card Sales Increase Overnight

Card Market has everything you need to get gift cards added to your website. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!