A point-of-sale system, or POS, is the most important piece of software for most businesses. The POS enables cashiers to charge customers. It’s what customers see whenever they check out, and, often, it’s the software that is tracking and recording sales.

Because the POS is so important, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right system. Here are a few things to consider when picking out the right POS system for your business:

Your Company’s Needs

A restaurant will have different needs for a POS than a retail store or a service-oriented business. Before beginning the search for a POS, think about the experience you want your customers and employees to have at the checkout counter. Perhaps ease of use is the most important factor for your business, or maybe you want a POS system with advanced analytics features. Thinking critically about your company’s needs will narrow down the number of systems to consider.

Types of Payment

Before choosing a POS system, it’s important to identify the methods your customers will use to pay. Do you plan on taking a lot of cash or mostly credit card payments? Does the system you’re considering allow for the use of custom gift cards? Make sure that the POS system you choose is geared towards whatever types of payment you plan to accept.

Hardware Compatibility 

Whether you’re upgrading your old POS system or getting one for a brand new business, you need to ensure that the new system will fit in seamlessly with the equipment and programs you already have. Make sure that your hardware is compatible with the POS system that you choose or that you’re willing to invest in whichever type of hardware the system is designed for.

Gift Card Integration

Custom gift cards branded for your business are a great way to encourage customer loyalty, spread brand awareness, and increase sales. When choosing a POS system be sure to find one that will allow you to integrate custom gift cards at checkout and online. The right POS system combined with the right gift card provider makes creating, selling, activating, and redeeming gift cards easy for your business.

Looking for the Right POS System?

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