When considering your gift card options, it can be tough to decide whether digital or printed cards are better for your business. There are many pros and cons to either option. But thankfully, there are also a few elements that can guide you through this process. To help you choose, here are considerations to take into account as you decide what’s best for your business. 

Why You Should Consider Digital Gift Cards 

Ask yourself: Is your audience tech-savvy? Are you looking to increase your online sales? Do your customers appreciate eco-friendly efforts? If yes, you may want to look at adding digital gift card options to your website. 

When thinking about gift card options, the digital route should not be ruled out before careful deliberation. Digital gift cards can dramatically improve your customer experience, as it allows your customer to fill a need quickly. Because the process of purchasing and receiving a digital card is almost immediate, virtual options come in handy when your customer forgets about an important holiday, needs to grab a last-minute gift, or wants to send a gift to someone who lives far away. When you save people time by providing a fast, user-friendly experience, your revenue is bound to increase.

The bottom line for digital gift cards: 

  • They allow your customers to send a last-minute gift immediately. 
  • They give customers a way to send gifts quickly to loved ones who live far away.
  • They may appeal to your more eco-friendly customers. 
  • They make the customer experience easier and more efficient. 

Why You Should Consider Printed Gift Cards

Traditional, printed gift cards add a great deal of value to your business and your customer, as they have several advantages of their own. Physical gift cards can be used in-person or online, making it the perfect option no matter the recipient’s shopping preference. Some customers also prefer to give or receive a gift that they can hold in their hands, especially if it’s an occasion where gifts will be opened. With physical gift cards, recipients don’t lose any of the gift opening magic. 

The bottom line for printed gift cards: 

  • They provide customers with a tangible gift that can be unwrapped. 
  • They serve as another way to get your brand’s name out there.
  • They can be displayed in eye-catching places in your location. 
  • They help get people in the door who may have not otherwise shopped with you.

The Bottom Line

If your audience is somewhere in the middle, or either option seems beneficial to your company, there’s no need to fret over picking between one or the other. Card Market offers both physical and virtual gift cards, creating an easy solution for you: choose both. We are happy to work with you to design the perfect cards to achieve your sales goals. 

Ready to Talk About Your Options? 

We’re excited to begin the design process for either (or both) options with you as soon as you need. Get started with a consultation today!