Events are a big opportunity to promote a brand, product or industry, but they are often expensive and require a lot of work. To get the most out of any event, it’s important to use every opportunity to market it properly and ensure it is memorable for attendees. 

Branded or personalized cards provide a great opportunity for event organizers to add a unique touch to their events and get the most from their limited time with the event audience. Here are a few ways branded cards can help keep events top of mind for attendees:

1. Promote your brand with printed cards.

Whether it’s a key card or event badge, branded cards create an opportunity to show off the theme of your event and to promote your brand. Giving attendees a branded card that they will carry with them is a great way to help attendees feel like they belong and to reinforce what the event is all about. Cards can even be personalized to make sure attendees feel valued.

2. Increase sponsorship opportunities.

The design options on custom cards are almost limitless, allowing for the use of logos or text. This is a great place to add the logos of event sponsors. You can even sell advertising space on event badges or hotel room keys. Even if you can’t sell space on the card itself, it can provide an excellent opportunity for your own brand or business logo. 

3. Communicate important information.

A key card, a badge, or a personalized card gift can also contain important information about an event. The back of an event badge can be a great space to feature an agenda or map, while a hotel key card could also include event or company ads, logos, and more. Customized cards can even be used as a meal or drink ticket. 

4. Personalized event badges.

Event badges serve an important functional purpose, making it easier for organizers and staff to see who has access to certain functions or rooms. But, badges can be more than just an access pass. They can also communicate important information about the wearer like their name, employer, or social media handle. 

5. Create a souvenir your attendees will remember.

A well-designed branded card can make a great souvenir for event attendees to take home with them. This can be a specially branded gift like a luggage tag, or simply the event badge itself. Your attendees will love the opportunity to take a memory home with them. 

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