Hospitality business executives already know the importance of offering gift cards for customers, but few know that their gift card partner can also help with other aspects of the business. 

Card Market doesn’t just produce and develop gift cards, but we can also help with the production and logistics behind additional plastic card products. Here are a few ways hospitality businesses can leverage their relationship with a gift card partner like Card Market to help grow their business:

1. Provide key tags for easy customer access.

Gyms, spas, event spaces, and any business that provides membership services can benefit from offering key tags to their customers. These small plastic fobs usually contain a barcode and can be attached to a key ring. Members simply scan the barcode to gain access to whatever service they have purchased. These key tags can also be useful for rewards programs, allowing cashiers to simply scan the barcode to access all the customer’s benefit information.

2. Create branded luggage tags.

Every traveler can benefit from a luggage tag, right? By creating custom luggage tags, your business can provide customers with something they need, all while promoting your brand. Card Market can help create a unique design that your customers will want to carry with them wherever they go.

3. Jazz up your key cards.

For hotels, key cards are an absolute must. A gift card marketing provider can help make sure that the entire system of creating and distributing key cards runs smoothly. Card Market can also help create an interesting key card design to help promote your brand and add a unique touch to a hotel guest’s experience.

4. Easily track rewards.

Reward programs are a great way to retain loyal customers and bring in new ones. Reward cards are the simplest way for customers to keep track of their rewards. These scannable cards are linked to each customer’s account so that cashiers can easily pull up reward information. The cards also provide another opportunity to keep your brand on a customer’s mind by becoming a permanent feature in their wallet.

5. Create ID badges for your events.

It can be tough to stand out in the event business, but customized event badges provide an easy opportunity to add a unique touch to any function. These badges can be used to provide information about attendees, promote event sponsors or push your business’s brand.

There’s no better time than now to start using your gift card partner to its full potential. Are you ready to learn more about Card Market’s services? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!