One of the most exciting things for a college student is representing the school they’ve chosen to attend. It’s become a significant part of their lives and identities, and so students enjoy sharing this piece of their life with those around them—with shirts, hats, keychains, you name it. By incorporating your branding into students’ daily essentials, you’re giving them another way to represent their college while raising your school’s brand awareness. In this article, we’re sharing a few ways that you can add your branding to students’ everyday routines. 

ID Badges

Let’s start with the essentials. ID badges are vital when it comes to the college experience. Whether a student needs to access campus resources, receive discounts, or show off their school pride, ID badges are a staple. Take advantage of one of the most important items in a student’s day-to-day life and make it uniquely yours. Think outside of the box when brainstorming your design, like including your social media channels or website. 

Access Cards

Crucial for security and safety, access cards are a major necessity for college students. If a student lives in a dorm, they will need an access card to enter their building. Adding your logo and school colors provides students with one more way to feel like they’re part of a community while also reassuring parents with an extra security component. Be sure to include your campus emergency number on your card for an additional safety measure. 

Meal Plan Cards

Especially important for students living on campus, meal plan cards are a daily staple. Those early morning classes call for hearty breakfasts and quick lunches on the way to the next lecture. For an added branding opportunity, equip your school’s students with creatively-designed meal plan cards. 

Ready to Increase Your School’s Brand Awareness? 

All of our cards are durable and can be designed to make your school’s brand stand out to students and staff. Our design team helps you create long-lasting cards that students will be proud to carry. Are you ready to learn more about creating with Card Market? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!