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Advocate For Staff And Patient Safety With Customized Access And Id Cards

Ensure staff and patient confidence with Card Market’s plastic card solutions for hospitals, medical centers and offices, and other healthcare organizations. 

Security and safety is of utmost importance within healthcare facilities. So, when it comes to your healthcare organization’s access and ID badge needs, Card Market can help keep your facility secure. You can help your staff, patients, and visitors feel safe, while also keeping your organization’s brand top-of-mind with customized cards and badges that showcase your logo and brand colors.

RFID & Contactless

Our team can print on RFID and other proximity “contactless” smart cards for branded yet practical security system access solutions.

Access Cards

Heighten brand awareness, security, durability, and visual appeal by customizing your healthcare facilities access key cards.

ID Badges

Advocate for safety with customized, durable photo ID badges for staff that represent your institution’s brand.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to maximize the power of gift cards and plastic cards for a variety of promotional opportunities, Card Market is here to help! Contact us today to learn to discuss which products are best suited for your business, as well as a variety of data and finishing options.