Online gift card sales were a life-saver for many restaurants and retailers during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that short-term solution turned into a new trend for many businesses and the consumers they serve. According to recent research from Save My Cent:

  • 60% of all purchased gift cards are digital.
  • The number of digital gift cards sold in December doubled from 2019 to 2020. 
  • Digital gift card adoption among businesses will see a 23% increase by 2025.

Many businesses understand the value and importance of selling online gift cards, but there are still a few common questions we get. Check out the list below for our answers to the FAQs we receive!

1. How much revenue can we expect from selling online gift cards?

We hear this question so frequently that we created an Online Gift Card Sales Estimator tool. This easy-to-use sales estimator shows your potential gift card sales revenue. All you have to do is enter your website traffic and average sale value to see a detailed report of your potential return on investment.

2. Which gift card or point of sale systems have integration with Card Market Pro?

We work with multiple processors and POS systems, and we’re always adding new partners. Our current partners include Heartland, NCR Aloha, Worldpay, Paytronix, Valutec, Omniterm, Paya, Vend, Opticard, RICS Software, Focus POS, and Factor 4. Don’t see yours on the list? Just let us know, and we’ll reach out to them.

3. What are the costs to sell gift cards online?

Costs vary by POS system and processor. You can refer to our online sales page to learn more and submit an inquiry for a detailed price quote.

4. How do I accept the cards after they are sold online?

Online gift cards can be redeemed like physical gift cards at your store. Virtual gift cards are redeemed by either scanning the barcode or entering the gift card number into your POS system.

5. What reporting is available for my online gift card sales?

Merchants are given access to our reporting portal, which provides all of the order details, including shipping address, sales amount, email address, and much more helpful information. All this data can also be accessed through Card Market’s innovative Admin Panel

6. If I change my website, will my online gift site change too? 

No, we can help you make changes to the shopping cart. 

7. What does the virtual card email verification look like?

The email is branded with your business name, an image of your gift card, and a personal message from the buyer. There is also a link for the recipient to claim the e-gift and download a PDF of the virtual gift card.

8. What accounts do I need for selling online gift cards?

You will need a gift card account with one of our integrated platform partners as well as an e-commerce and gateway account for processing the credit card payments. These account details vary by platform partner.

Increase Revenue in Your Sleep with Online Gift Cards 

At Card Market, we’ve made it our mission to help customers maximize the power of online gift cards to grow their businesses. We recognize that you might have more specific questions, and we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or reach out with a specific question. If you have questions about printed gift cards, we can help answer those too