There are several steps to designing and ordering custom gift cards for your business, but the process couldn’t be simpler with Card Market. Our full-spectrum gift card design and printing services can help you go from concept to reality quickly and efficiently. We’ve been doing this for so long that we’ve collected a few questions you may have about the gift card design process. Check out the list below for our answers!   

1. Do full-color gift cards cost more? 

Our top-of-the-line CMYK printing presses are known for creating products with vibrancy, durability, and accurate color matching. Full-color single-sided gift cards are standard, without any additional charges. However, if you’re seeking a full-color gift card design on the front and back, there is an extra charge, as we do need to run the card through our presses a second time.  

2. How can I make sure my gift card offering matches my branding suite & corporate identity? 

A mismatched color or an image with a skewed aspect ratio can erode brand confidence rather than build it. We believe that everything your customer sees should provide a unified brand identity across every single platform. That attention to detail should extend to any gift cards you offer. As a design-forward gift card creator, we’re committed to creating gift card designs that perfectly match any branding or promotional materials you need. 

3. How quickly can my gift cards be printed once they are designed? 

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround, which means you can have gift cards printed for the holidays or a special event very quickly after ordering them, generally between 7 – 10 business days. Like all industries, we have our busy times, but we work hard to streamline our processes so that you can access your gift card designs before your promotions begin. 

4. Can I use art from my brand’s designer? 

Absolutely! We can create gorgeous gift card designs from high-resolution artwork provided by your graphic designer or marketing team. We prefer working with vector art, so .EPS, .PDF or .AI file forms are fantastic. We’ll also accept high-resolution .JPG and .PNG files without flattened template lines.

5. If I work with you on in-house gift card design, can I trust you to understand my vision? 

We bring an empathic listening ear and a keen aesthetic awareness to our work. We can offer you several design options and we’ll revise those designs until they meet your needs. You can trust that our years of printing expertise allow us to create a beautiful, compelling piece of marketing collateral that will draw eyes and customers every single time. 

Count on Exceptional In-House Gift Card Design with Card Market

When it comes to gift card design and production, it’s natural to have questions about our process and our product. For answers to even more questions, our gift card design FAQ contains the answers to common queries we’ve had from first-time customers. And, when you’re ready to learn more about Card Market’s services, contact us today to schedule a consultation!