Does Giving a Gift Card Feel Impersonal? Here’s How to Change That!

Purchasing a gift card is about as easy and quick as gift-giving gets. While this is a huge advantage to buying a gift card, for many people, the convenience of a gift card can make it feel a little bit impersonal. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Given the right way, gift cards can be a thoughtful way to show someone you care. Here are a few ways to show your customers how to make a gift card stand out as personal gift that shows just how much they know the recipient:

1. Choose something specific. 

A gift card doesn’t have to be something customers only buy when they don’t know what to buy for a gift. They can consider using a gift card to help put money towards an item or experience they know someone truly wants. They can also choose a store or a restaurant that the recipient loves, showing they care about the recipient’s personal interests. 

2. Put together a themed gift.

A gift card can be the perfect accompaniment to a small themed gift. Encourage customers to put together a gift basket around a specific experience like a movie night or a spa day. They can also include smaller themed gifts in the basket and top it off with a gift card to pay for the experience itself. Using a theme is a great way for your customers to add a personal touch to a gift card, while still giving the giftee some wiggle room to get exactly the experience they want.

3. Make a unique card. 

Hand-crafted presents are the ultimate personal gifts, but the gift-giver always runs the risk that their carefully-crafted gift won’t be particularly useful or liked. Combining something hand-made with a gift card can be the best of both worlds. Encourage gift card-givers to include a hand-made card or a creative holder for the gift card. Putting a crafty, personalized touch on something is a heartfelt way to give a gift card and ensure the giftee gets something with lifelong meaning. 

4. Make the gift card relevant to their interests. 

Just because buying a gift card is quick and easy doesn’t mean that it should be careless. When purchasing a gift card, customers should think about the person they are buying it for and keep it relevant to his or her interests. A gift card to somewhere the giftee does not shop may go unused, so it’s best to collect as many hints as possible along the way to find the restaurants or retail shops where the recipient will benefit from their gift card. 

5. Take advantage of company promotions.

Many companies look for ways to make their gift cards more attractive and personal through unique designs that cater to various interests. For customers looking to make gift cards more personal, encourage them to seek out merchants that allow the creation of customized gift cards or gift cards designed for a specific item or experience.

Ready to help your customers make more personal gift card purchases? 

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