This year is particularly special for us; it marks Card Market’s 30th anniversary! From our foundational days in 1993 as National Business Products to our current identity as Card Market, our journey has been filled with growth, transformation, and relentless innovation. As we celebrate this important milestone, we want to reflect on the past, celebrate progress, and thank everyone who has been part of this incredible ride.

A Modest Start with a Visionary Aim

In 1993, Stephen Prince founded National Business Products, diving into the evolving world of card processing. With nearly three decades of industry experience, Stephen initially guided the company toward finding groundbreaking print solutions for credit, debit, and prepaid cards. However, sensing the wind of change with the emerging trend of gift cards in the late ’90s, he adeptly shifted the company’s focus.

The Pivot: Embracing the Gift Card Revolution

As gift and loyalty card programs began to burgeon, Stephen became an influential figure, often called upon to share his “gift card gospel” with sales forces, merchant clients, and platform partners across America. To capture this new focus, the company rebranded as Card Marketing Services in 2006.

From Physical Cards to Virtual Solutions: Keeping Pace with Innovation

While we began by producing physical cards, our portfolio has expanded dramatically to include virtual cards and integrated solutions. This evolution wasn’t just a nod to technological advancements but a calculated step to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Measurable Impact: Decades of Reliability and Partnership

Throughout the past 30 years, we’ve established partnerships with more than 100,000 merchants, leading to 200 million cards and 100 million fulfillment transactions. Our consistent record makes us a preferred partner for payment service providers and retail brands across North America.

Present Day Card Market: Pioneers in a Dynamic Field

Following a series of strategic rebranding, including a phase as Sterling Card Solutions, we emerged as today’s Card Market. Each transformation signified not just a name change, but a pivotal evolution in our suite of services, always keeping us at the forefront of the sector’s ever-changing dynamics.

Looking Forward: A Future of Ongoing Innovation

While we are proud of our 30-year history, we are far from complacent. We remain steadfastly committed to continual innovation, enhancing partnerships, and delivering top-notch service in the gift card market.

As we celebrate this incredible milestone, we are thrilled to look ahead to the future—anticipating more transformations, embracing new challenges, and forging new partnerships.

So, cheers to 30 years of Card Market, and to many more decades of redefining what’s possible. 

A warm thank you to all our clients, partners, and employees who have made these astonishing 30 years a reality.

Cheers to the next chapter!

If you’re interested in celebrating this milestone with us or learning more about our 30-year evolution, we’d be delighted to hear from you.