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Online gift card purchases have been on the rise for the past several years. According to a recent study, 46% of US consumers bought a gift card on social media in 2020. That trend will likely continue to grow.

When it comes to helping businesses find innovative ways to sell gift cards online, our team is committed to harnessing the latest gift card technology. We recognize there are dozens of other responsibilities that companies have to manage. We want to make it as easy as possible to find the right solutions for your business.

Today, we offer two streamlined gift card solutions – Card Market Pro and Express. This post will highlight some of the unique features of each to help you determine which one is right for your business.

How are Card Market Express & Card Market Pro Similar?

Our two gift card solutions are similar — they both provide ways for selling gift cards online that are built into your existing website and allow you to sell gift cards seamlessly.

Both solutions give your customers the ability to purchase online gift cards through a secure payment system, add personalized messaging, and receive email validation. Card Market Express and Card Market pro both offer fraud shield protection and valuable online reporting through our Card Market Admin Panel.

How are Card Market Express & Card Market Pro Different?

The biggest difference is that Card Market Pro offers the next level of customization that many retailers and restaurants are looking for in today’s economy. Card Market Pro enables your business to sell gift cards through a custom-branded shopping cart that integrates into your website. The service also allows you to sell both virtual and physical gift cards from your website, with customized packaging designed for your brand.

Which One is Right for Your Business?

We recognize that every business has its unique goals and approaches, which is why we created multiple options for selling gift cards on your website. We might encourage you to start out with Card Market Express to start as your business grows.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to create a more customized gift card solution for your consumers, we believe Card Market Pro provides everything you would need.

Sell More Gift Cards and Grow Your Business with Card Market

With Card Market Pro or Express, you have tools to sell gift cards with ease. We help you promote, sell, and track your gift cards sales so that you can increase revenue and look for new opportunities to grow your business. Whether you’re a restaurant, retailer, hotel, spa, or member-based organization, we also provide industry-specific solutions to grow with you as you go. Are you ready to learn more about Card Market’s services? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!