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Your simplified solution for online gift card sales

Card Market Express Online Gift Cards by Card Market

Do you want to boost your company’s online sales but are hesitant to invest in a full-fledged gift card program?

Card Market Express offers a low-cost, simplified virtual gift card solution,

enabling you to increase revenue without any monthly fees or setup complexities.

Why Choose Card Market Express?

Free, Non-branded Shopping Cart
Begin your journey toward boosted sales without any setup fees. We make getting started as simple as possible.

No Monthly Fees
A cost-effective solution for businesses just starting out with online gift card sales, offering you flexibility and freedom.

24/7 Online Sales
Your business never sleeps, and neither does our platform. Sell virtual gift cards 24/7 and capitalize on impulse buys.

Virtual Gift Card Sales
Meet your customers’ last-minute needs with instant virtual gift card delivery, straight to their email inbox.

Online Service Center Access
Manage your sales, monitor transactions, and get insights to optimize your strategy—all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Fraud Shield Option
Protect your business with our security features, including advanced fraud detection and email validation.

Express vs Pro: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for more comprehensive fulfillment of both online and physical gift cards, check out Card Market Pro. Here are some key differences:

Included Features and Services Card Market Pro Card Market Express
Ability to Sell Cards 24/7/365
Secure Payment System
Online Reporting
BOGO & Discount Programs
Personalized Gift Messages
Email Delivery Validation
Online Service Center Access
Fraud Shield Availability
Virtual Gift Card Sales
Physical Gift Card Sales
Custom Branded Shopping Cart
Custom Mailing Package

Card Market Pro gives you all the same features as Card Market Express and also includes the printed cards, a fully branded shopping cart, and a custom mailing package. A basic, non-branded shopping cart is included with Express.

CM Express – Multicolor


*starting rates, depending on platform partner and number of locations

Monthly Fees: None

Virtual Card Costs: $1.25

Payment Processing: 2.90% + $.30 per transaction

Virtual Cards: What You Get

Email Address Validation
Ensure that your gift cards go to the right place with email address validation.

Personalization Options
Your customers can customize their gift cards by filling out the “To,” “From,” “Amount,” and “Personal Note” fields.

Instant Delivery
Virtual cards come with a PDF for immediate download, making them perfect for last-minute gifts.

Advanced Coding
Barcodes, QR Codes, and human-readable numbers offer flexibility for redemptions at the register.

Customizable Card Image
Enhance the gift card experience by choosing an appealing card image that will appear on the PDF and email.

Virtual Gift Cards – Card Market
Card Market Pro ROI Calculator

Estimate Your Gift Card Revenue

Use our full-fledged sales calculator to predict your potential ROI.

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