NASHVILLE, Tennessee (September 14, 2021)—Card Market, a leading gift card solutions provider headquartered in Tennessee, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Vend and Factor4. The integration will enable both Vend and Factor4 to provide customers with the ability to sell gift cards online.

“This integration builds more value for our partners and their customers, allowing them to benefit from these products and earn additional revenue,” said Mark Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Card Market. “We want merchants to sell more gift cards, which in turn is good for our integration partner, and in turn is good for us because we’re printing and fulfilling the cards,” Miller said.

Card Market’s partnership with the two companies is the gift card provider’s latest move to expand processing options for its customers. As a one-stop gift card sales company, Card Market can guide customers through the process from design all the way through fulfillment and tracking. 

Vend is a point-of-sale systems provider for small businesses with customers in countries around the world. Card Market will build a system and host it for Vend merchants, that makes it easy for them to sell a virtual or physical gift card.

“Vend didn’t have anything in place where our merchants had any kind of online presence to sell gift cards. So, we’re excited to partner with Card Market to enable online sales and also monetize gift card printing,” said Lowry Gladwell, Integrations Manager, Partnerships.

This new integration with Factor4 and Vend reaffirms Card Market’s commitment to expanding innovative offerings and strategic partnerships. Providing additional choices that are user-friendly and affordable also remains a high priority at Card Market, as the company helps customers drive business in an ever-changing marketplace.

Factor4 is a leading provider of gift card and loyalty solutions that works directly with ISOs and merchants. The company is integrating Card Market Express into its offerings to provide another option for selling gift cards online. This option is built into a merchant’s existing website and allows them to sell virtual gift cards seamlessly from their website.  

“Card Market Express is a robust online gift card solution that we are excited to offer our partners and merchants. The online purchase and redemption of gift cards helped many of our merchants survive and thrive during the pandemic. Covid brought about the rapid adoption of digital payments and eCommerce which has dramatically increased online gift card sales. Our integration with Card Market Express enables our partners to capitalize on these market trends while enabling us to continue to lead the industry in innovative partnerships,” said Dan Battista, CEO of Factor4.

For the last 30 years, Card Market has worked to serve its evolving customer base through multiple additions of products and services, as well as brand acquisitions and technical integrations. The company is constantly looking for more partners in order to expand its reach, and give Card Market customers more choices now and in the future.

About Card Market

Formerly Card Marketing Services and Sterling Card Solutions, Card Market is a gift card solutions company that is headquartered in Nolensville, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Partnering with gift card processors and point of sale systems, Card Market produces cards for use with a variety of gift, loyalty, and promotional programs. To learn more about Card Market’s products and services, please visit