Card Solutions for Cannabis Dispensaries

Relax along with your customers with Card Market’s card solutions for cannabis dispensaries. Whether you need plastic membership card key tags for loyal customers or customized gift cards for all your customers’ special celebrations, relief is on the way with our card solutions.

A No-Nonsense Marketing Tool for Birthdays, Holidays, and Special Occasions

As cannabis continues to grow in popularity due to its many health benefits, dispensaries and retailers are looking to be equipped with card solutions to best serve customers. Especially when it comes to gift cards for special occasions, membership cards, loyalty programs, and more, Card Market can alleviate any doubts about your brand being front and center for your customers.

Gift Card Solutions

Available in both print and digital options, gift cards are a versatile marketing tool that helps promote your brand, increase profit margins, and bring in new customers.

loyalty cards

Reward your members with high quality, branded VIP rewards cards in a variety of options.

Membership Cards

Enhance brand awareness, convenience, security, and visual appeal by customizing your membership cards or key tags.

business cards

Make a lasting first impression and stand out from competitors with sleek, durable plastic business cards that are waterproof and built to last.

ready to get started?

If you’re ready to maximize the power of gift cards and plastic cards for a variety of promotional opportunities, Card Market is here to help! Contact us today to learn to discuss which products are best suited for your business, as well as a variety of data and finishing options.