In an evolving marketplace where regulations can change the landscape, California’s pending decision to ban all plastic and PVC gift cards by 2027 is a prime example. Regardless of one’s viewpoint on the legislation, the reality is that businesses will have to adapt. One solution that not only aligns with this new regulatory framework but also offers a host of other benefits is paper gift cards.

Understanding California’s Plastic Gift Card Ban

California’s SB 728 bill, if signed into law, will “prohibit, beginning January 1, 2027, a retailer from selling, offering for sale, or distributing plastic gift cards, except those that are both usable with multiple unaffiliated sellers of goods and that have the expiration date, if any, printed on the card…” Companies will need to rethink their gift card strategies to meet compliance.

The Case for Paper Gift Cards: More Than Just Compliance

While the push towards paper gift cards may be legislatively driven, these cards offer a range of advantages independent of regulatory requirements.

  • Enjoy the same printing process and equivalent thickness as standard 30mil PVC cards
  • Promote eco-friendly and sustainable impact that gets people’s attention
  • Impress customers with a format that takes their personal preferences into account

How We’re Helping You Stay Ahead

At Card Market, we’re not just reacting to legislative changes; we’re already helping you prepare for them. Our innovative paper gift cards are designed to offer you a seamless transition from plastic cards with minimal disruption to your business operations.

  • Standard CR80 Format
  • 28pt Tango C2S
  • 2-track LoCo Magstripe
  • Back Surface AQ Primer Coating
  • Two-ply Paper Construction

Future-Proof Your Business

Whether or not more states follow in California’s footsteps, shifts in the business landscape are inevitable. Adapting proactively can set your business apart. Card Market is here to guide you through these changes, making transitions not just manageable but beneficial.

The Takeaway

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, being prepared is half the battle. Paper gift cards are more than just a way to comply with California’s plastic ban; they’re a strategic tool for future-proofing your business.

Switch to Card Market’s paper gift cards today to stay ahead of the curve.