Offering gift cards on your website can be a game-changer. Even with the set-up costs associated with making it happen, the return on your investment is well worth your time and money. With just a minimal amount of effort through careful promotion and advertising, your company can turn your online gift cards into a revenue generator that will boost your overall sales. Here are four helpful ways to boost your online gift card sales.

1. Make Gift Cards Visible 

The most likely culprit for low online gift card sales is that your customers are not aware that you sell them. Since many gift card purchases are impulse buys, make sure that the people visiting your website know they can purchase gift cards by making them a separate category or promoting them with a banner or call-out section.

2. Promote Gift Cards Intentionally 

Use your gift cards to attract people to your website by making them the focus of your online advertising around important holidays. Gift purchases always spike towards the holiday season, and letting people know that you offer online gift cards is the best way to capture some of those sales. Year round, you can leverage your email marketing list to remind your existing customers that you offer online gift cards for instant gifting.

3. Offer a Customizable Option

With online gift cards, you can offer customers a few different designs for specific occasions and holidays. Giving customers the chance to add a personal touch to their gift with customization is a great way to set your digital and physical gift cards apart.

4. Use Gift Cards as Promotional Materials 

Selling gift cards online isn’t just about increasing sales numbers. Gift cards help spread brand awareness, bring in new customers, and encourage brand loyalty among existing customers. This makes it beneficial to distribute as many gift cards as possible, even if their purchase doesn’t necessarily generate immediate revenue. 

Consider rewarding customers who spend a certain amount online with a free low-value gift card, or offer a small bonus gift card with the purchase of a larger one. These types of promotions pay dividends later by generating new customers or encouraging an existing customer to continue spending money at your website. 

Give Your Online Gift Card Sales a Boost

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