turn your business card into a gift card


Our BizGyft product combines a Business Card on the front with a Merchant Branded Gift Card on the back.  It is an introduction or “Thank You” gift for professionals like Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Car Sales Staff, Wealth Management Sales Teams, etc. BizGyft allows you to capitalize on the $1.6B annual business card printing industry by combining business cards with your gift cards,

BizGyft Benefits

No Costs for Merchants


All card printing and shipping costs are paid for by the BizGyft card buyer. If you are already a Card Market Pro customer, everything is already in place for you to start selling BizGyft cards and redeem them at your Point of Sale.


Add New Gift Card Revenue


By tapping into the business card industry, you can open up a new gift card distribution channel. The best part is you get paid when the cards are loaded with value.



Acquire New Customers


Grow brand awareness through BizGyft’s pipeline of business card buyers and take advantage of our additional marketing efforts to promote your cards.