Digital gift cards: also known as online or eGift cards, refer to electronic files delivered by email, text, social media, or smartphone apps.

Online gift card sales were a life-saver for many restaurants and retailers during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what many believed was a short-term solution tied to the pandemic turned into an ongoing sales booster for many businesses. According to recent research from Save My Cent:

  • 60% of all purchased gift cards are digital.
  • In 2021, digital card sales were the highest they’ve been in recent years.
  • Digital gift card adoption will see a 23% increase by 2025.
  • Digital gift cards bring guests back more often, help them purchase more, and increase long-term customer loyalty.

With Americans spending more time shopping online, there’s never been a better time to incorporate digital gift cards into your product offerings. For consumers, the benefits are powerful – digital gift cards are easier to buy, give, and keep track of. Here are some of the benefits you’ll see as a business owner.

Digital Gift Cards Increase Sales: You get two sales in one with gift cards. The customer that purchases the gift card provides you with immediate revenue, and the person who receives the gift card gets an introduction to your business and often spends more than their gift card is worth. In addition, while this new customer is on your site, you can encourage continued engagement through email and social media to keep them coming back again and again.

Digital Gift Cards are Convenient and Secure: Digital cards are easy to purchase and are safe. Digital gift cards help you build brand awareness and trust.

Digital Gift Cards Can Help You Manage Your Inventory: Because sales through digital cards are easily trackable, digital cards can help you plan your future inventory. For example, if you see that most people using your digital cards purchase a particular item, you’ll know to keep it in stock.

Digital Gift Cards Help You Build Customer Loyalty: Digital gift cards are an efficient and cost-effective way to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Digital gift cards are easy and cost-effective to personalize with designs, messages, photos, and rewards.

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