Gift cards are a great way to improve cash flow and raise revenue, but they can also do so much more for a business. Selling gift cards can be a powerful marketing tool that helps capture new customers and spreads brand awareness.

By employing a little bit of strategy, businesses can leverage their gift cards to improve other parts of their businesses. One great way to use gift cards is to improve your online presence. Here are five simple ways to get started.

1. Sell digital gift cards.

Offering digital gift cards is an easy way to engage customers on a business website. For merchants with an existing gift card program, adding a digital gift card option takes little effort. The online gift cards are convenient for customers to buy, and marketing them properly can help draw customers looking for a last-minute gift.  

2. Highlight gift cards on social media.

Gift cards provide excellent opportunities for posts or even entire campaigns on social media. Because gift-giving tends to surround special events, merchants can use holiday gift card promotions as an opportunity to boost their social posts and build more engagement. Year-round, gift cards can also give social media managers a chance to educate their customers about the business and what new customers have to gain with a gift card.

3. Reward loyalty with digital gift cards.

Every business wants repeat customers—both in-store and online. Loyalty programs are a great way to reward customers, and using digital gift cards are one of the simplest ways to implement them. Via digital gift cards, merchants can give loyal customers credit for certain purchases to encourage those customers to keep visiting the company’s website.

4. Gather online data with gift cards.

Digital gift cards can be linked to an online account, which can help your company collect valuable data on customer behavior. Understanding when your customers are shopping and what products they are looking at can help merchants improve their web strategy and increase their online presence. 

5. Feature gift cards in online advertising. 

One of the best ways to increase online presence is through web advertising and email marketing. Around major holidays, customers are always looking for merchants that sell gift cards online. Including gift cards in online advertising during these major shopping periods is a great way to draw more online traffic.

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