Valentine’s Day is approaching. Love is in the air, and people everywhere are scrambling to find the appropriate ways to display their affections to that special somebody. But, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a stressful event. A gift card is a simple, effective way to show someone that you care.

Though the perception is often that gift cards aren’t “personal” enough, we’ve put together several ideas for making gift card purchases a way that shows one’s true love and affection to their special someone. If you’re looking for ways to show your customers how gift cards can say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips to share.

1. Make it personal.

Merchants should consider offering printed gift cards with design patterns for special events and holidays, such as Valentine’s Day. For online gift cards, restaurants and retailers can even offer custom designs and personalization. Choosing a specific gift card that’s customized for the event can add a small personal touch to show a gift card recipient that care and time was spent in picking out the gift.

2. Don’t forget friends and family.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic relationships. It’s a great time to remind friends and family about how much they are loved and appreciated. Savvy merchants should also consider offering promotions and sales on gift cards around holidays. This makes it easy to get several lower-value gift cards at a discounted rate. Some promotions can even give away a smaller gift card with the purchase of a larger one, so that the gift can keep on giving.

3. Be specific… or not.

Gift cards are a great way for customers to gift their loved ones specific personal experiences and items like a spa day or a round of golf. One great idea for merchants is to offer deals on a particular Valentine’s Day gift or experience that’s redeemable with a gift card. If they don’t have something particular in mind, gift cards can also be a great way to help customers ensure that they are getting loved ones the gifts they truly want.

4. Keep it simple.

Sometimes overwhelmed by the complexity of gift giving, many people choose not to do Valentine’s Day gifts. Thus, a gift card tucked away in a simple thoughtful card is a simple way for customers to surprise their loved ones and to show they care without making a huge production of it.

5. Last-minute gift? Worry not.

For customers who accidentally forget to pick up a Valentine’s gift, gift cards can save the day! Online gift cards can be delivered instantly and are perfect for a last-minute gift. Merchants can make the last-minute gift rush as easy as possible by putting their gift cards front and center on their websites.

Ready to Spread Some Love?

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