It’s no secret that the holiday season is the peak time for gift card sales. But, just because the gift-giving season is winding down doesn’t mean that businesses can’t still find ways to boost their gift card sales. Here are just a few ways your company can encourage gift card sales, even after the holidays:

1. Target the holiday stragglers.

It’s hard to fit in every celebration over the holidays, and some families or groups of friends delay their parties or gift exchanges until a less busy part of the year. The 2020 holiday season was especially unusual with many people suspending their holiday gatherings indefinitely. Businesses can capitalize on late-season gift exchanges by continuing to advertise their gift cards.

2. Promote self-gifting. 

It’s unusual that someone is gifted every single thing on their holiday list. Encourage your customers to treat themselves by buying the things they’ve been wanting but did not receive over the holidays. Offering a free $5 or $10 gift card with a large purchase may be the thing that pushes a customer to buy something for themselves, and that gift card will ensure that they come back for their next purchase.

3. Keep your gift cards front and center. 

People don’t just buy gift cards over the holidays. Many gift card purchases are spontaneous or for an event like a birthday or a graduation. Keeping your gift cards positioned at the front of your store near the checkout counter is a great way to remind customers that you have gift cards available and to possibly spur on a last-minute purchase. Online banners on your website can also help promote digital gift cards.

4. Create your own holiday. 

Almost every day of the year can be considered a holiday nowadays. There are special days dedicated to different kinds of animals and foods and for almost every possible profession. Choose a few unusual holidays that fit well with your business and use them as an opportunity to promote your gift cards. You might snag some customers looking to give someone a gift on a quirky occasion, and you’ll remind your other customers that you have gift cards available for the future.

5. Keep up the marketing. 

Gift cards—especially digital gift cards—are easy to market and advertise. You can use social media, email marketing, and online banner ads to promote your gift cards year round and keep those sales rolling in. 

Improve Your Gift Card Sales

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