With every new school year comes the lists for new school supplies and the need to replace outgrown clothes. This start of a new year can be exciting for many parents and students, but it can also be a difficult time for families in need trying to make ends meet. 

Helping a family buy something for their student—or giving them a gift card—can be a great way to start off the school year in a giving spirit. Here are a few ideas for helping families in need during the back-to-school season.

1. Help buy school supplies.

Every new school year, the list of required items seems to change or grow. Help a family by purchasing some of the pencils, paper, notebooks, and binders that their student needs for class. An even better option is to purchase a gift card so that the students can pick out the colors and styles they like the best for their school supplies.

2. Gift a haircut, outfit, or school uniform for the first day back.

The first day of school can cause anxiety for kids who have not seen their classmates throughout the summer. Kids want to make a good impression on their first day back with a new hairstyle or outfit, but children from less fortunate families may not always have this opportunity. To help a student look their best on their first day of school, consider buying them a gift card to a clothing retailer or hair salon so that they can create the perfect back-to-school look.

3. Help a child’s teammate.

School sports and extracurriculars can be very expensive affairs with lots of required equipment or extensive travel. If you’ve noticed one of your child’s teammates struggling to meet these costs, consider picking up the tab on a team dinner or giving them a gift card to a sports equipment store for their next gear purchase.

4. Treat a family you know to a meal.

For working parents, back-to-school isn’t just a time of increased costs, it’s also a time of increased time commitments. Many families may struggle to find the time or money for a good meal during the beginning of the school year. If you see a family you know struggling, invite them out to dinner, or consider giving them a gift card to a restaurant or grocery store.

5. Lend a hand with transportation.

During the beginning of the school year, students often have to travel for school events. For struggling families, this can be a strain on their time and wallets. Offering to carpool or drive another student to an event can be a huge help to families in need. Most gas stations and many public transit systems also offer gift cards so you can help a student in need get to where they need to be.

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