Gift cards have become a popular and important source of revenue for salons in recent years. While running promotions for the winter holidays, Mother’s Day, or in honor of graduates, many salons have recognized the benefit of gift cards. As a result, gift cards are an income driver that delivers more value than just the sum loaded onto the card. Research shows that 55 percent of people return more than once to use their gift card, and 65 percent end up spending more than the original value of the card. 

But how can salons take their gift card program from average to good? Or better yet, good to great? In this article, we are going to share some tips based on recent research and trends to help you elevate your gift card experience. 

5 Ways Salons Can Elevate their Gift Card Experience

1. Make sure your gift cards showcase your high-quality brand.

The design of your gift card is one of the most important factors in the overall experience you create for customers. The cards themselves, the packaging they come in, and the messaging a recipient receives are all important parts of making your gift card feel like an actual gift. 

2. Don’t miss an opportunity to market your gift cards for “self-use.”

Gift cards don’t always have to be for other people. In fact, 33 percent of the people who purchase a gift card buy it for their own personal use. That’s why it’s essential to offer flexible purchase options for the growing number of consumers buying gift cards to use themselves. For example, you can sell physical cards online for gift-givers that want to give a tangible, physical gift, and sell digital cards in-store to capture self-users that often prefer that delivery method.

3. Display your gift cards prominently. 

A great way to focus attention on your gift cards is to set up a special kiosk or stand in your retail area. Use eye-catching signage to help customers locate gift cards to capture last-minute purchases. You also want to make sure your card stands are tidy and well-stocked. Training associates on how to promote gift cards is also key. Find creative ways to incentivize and empower your team to promote your gift cards. It can make a tremendous difference in the overall success of your program. 

4. Implement creative ideas to sell more gift cards during slow seasons.

While salons definitely rely on holidays or special events to drive gift card purchases, one simple way to take your efforts to the next level is to run special campaigns during slower seasons. This can be a great way to surprise and delight customers when they least expect it. 

Here are a few specific ideas that can help

5. Incentivize your most loyal customers by offering promotions when they purchase gift cards for friends.

Many salons rely on word of mouth for new customers. Why not capitalize on that reality by incentivizing your most loyal customers to tell others about your salon? This could be anything from giving them a bonus gift card for every purchase, entering them into a sweepstake to win “the ultimate salon experience,” or giving them a swag bag of products. Not only does this help you reach new customers, but it also creates a greater connection with your current customers. 

Let Card Market Help You Elevate Your Gift Card Experience

At Card Market, we don’t just care about supplying you with gift cards. We actually want them to make a significant impact on your bottom line. That’s why we make it easy to set up your gift card program and equip you with ideas and resources to help promote them. Are you ready to boost revenue and start selling more gift cards? Connect with our team to learn how we can help you design the perfect gift card program for your salon.