Gift cards are the most versatile gift to give a loved one. So, shouldn’t the reasons to give gift cards be just as versatile? We definitely think so! At Card Market, we feel confident that there is no shortage of reasons to give a gift card. Whether it’s for a well-known holiday or for a much more personal reason, gift cards are always an appropriate way to express your gratitude to the people in your life.

Gift cards have long been among the most popular gifts during the winter holidays, with close runner-up’s being Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. But, what about other, more unexpected occasions to give a gift card to a loved one? No one is ever disappointed to receive a gift card—it’s free money! 

Consider these five reasons to give a gift card, with benefits for both the gifter and the recipient.

1. Someone is Sick

Being sick comes with its own set of stress for a person and their household, especially if it prevents them from continuing to work and earn money. If parents are sick, they are probably still attempting to prepare meals and keep the rest of the family members at ease, rather than getting appropriate rest. A front porch drop-off of soup, crackers, and a grocery gift card can mean the world to a sick friend! It’s a simple gesture that will likely come as a huge relief to the recipient. After all, being sick can be a very isolating experience, and feeling loved and thought-of can do wonders for recovery.

2. A Busy Week for a Friend

Say you know a friend has a big project at work this week, AND her oldest child is starting kindergarten? Give her a little treat to know you are rooting for her! Maybe a gift card for her favorite take-out when she has finished nailing that project and cleaning up finger paint stains. Or, what about a gift card for her to grab her favorite cup of coffee after shedding a few tears at the school drop-off? Either way, it will brighten her week, so why not?

3. For No “Good” Reason

Sure, there are lots of solid reasons to let a friend know that you are thinking of them, but maybe even more meaningful, when there is no particular reason at all. Have you ever found that your thoughts turn to a friend you haven’t seen in a while at the most random of times? 

We recommend listening to that gut feeling and reaching out to that person with a simple gift card—you never know, maybe that friend is going through a hard time but isn’t talking about it. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, maybe even just a quick $5 e-gift card for a cup of coffee!

4.  Can Be Sent Digitally

Now, let’s throw in a couple of reasons why you, as a gift-giver, benefit from choosing a gift card! In the age of connecting with loved ones from afar, e-gift cards have proven very useful. Shipping physical presents can be a hassle, not to mention, an added expense. Now that we are over a year into the pandemic, every single person now has accumulated a list of people they are dearly missing. Why not send them a small, digital gift card with a personal note to let them know you are missing their physical presence in your life? 

5. Helps You Stay on Budget

Often when shopping for a gift, it can be easy to stray from your original budget once you start browsing and overthinking your gift. When you choose to give a gift card, you can set your budget and then easily stick to it. And as far as a more expensive gift goes, the recipient of your gift card always has the option of using your gift card towards the balance of something more extravagant on their wishlist. A win-win!

Card Market can provide gift cards for all occasions (or non-occasions) for your business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!