4 Ways to Make Travel Easier with Gift Cards

Traveling is wonderful, but planning and budgeting for a trip can be incredibly stressful. Constantly tracking spending for every member of the family can take some of the fun out of a vacation, and using too many credit cards in an unfamiliar place can expose you to fraud. 

Many experienced travelers use gift cards to help them manage their money while on the go. Here are a few of the ways your customers can use gift cards to make travel easier.

1. Sticking to a Budget

It’s easy for the cost of a trip to slowly creep up when paying in cash or with a credit card. Gift cards can help you stick to a budget by giving you a fixed allotted amount for each activity. You can’t over spend on a gift card. Buying gift cards for meals and activities also forces you to plan out your spending before you leave on the trip, so you aren’t surprised later by the cost of your travel.

2. Preventing Identity Theft

Traveling is one of the most common ways people have their identity stolen. Innocently careless vacationers often use unbranded ATMs to take out cash or make bank transfers using unsecured wifi networks. These types of transactions make it easy for hackers and thieves to get someone’s card information, steal their identity, and maybe even steal money. Traveling with gift cards limits these risky financial transactions and keeps the information safe.

3. Helping Kids Learn to Budget 

It’s not the best idea to hand over a credit card to a child or teenager while on vacation for them to spend as they please. A gift card is a much less risky way to give kids some financial freedom on vacation, while still limiting their spending. As an added bonus, gift cards are a great way to teach kids good stewardship principles about financial responsibility and budgeting.

4. Nab a Great Deal

As businesses often offer deals on gift cards, travelers can enjoy discounts that they may not have with cash or credit card purchases. These might be discounts or bonus low-value gift cards with a large purchase. Gift cards could also allow the purchase an experience or tour ahead of time to take advantage of a special early-bird price. 

Ready to make your gift cards travel-ready?

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