Hotel key cards are viewed by hotel guests an average of ten times daily. That’s more daily impressions than a billboard, an email newsletter, or a sponsored social media post. Because of this, hotel key cards are valuable real estate that can be used to engage your guests. If it’s time for a key card redesign, consider the following ideas to increase the impact of this object.  

1. Use branded key cards. 

If your hotel key card isn’t branded, you’re losing a “key” opportunity to put your logo in front of hundreds of eyes. Hotel key cards aren’t just taken out in front of locked doors. They’re also taken out at bars, in taxi cabs, and at conferences, where they can be viewed by others. Spread your brand throughout your city (and the world) by placing it prominently on well-designed hotel key cards.  

2. Use your key card for advertising or special promotions. 

There are so many retailers and restaurants that would love to partner with a hotel to offer a special promotion for hotel guests. Ask nearby businesses if they’d like to join with you in a promotion that can benefit both brands. Think like a tourist, and have your hotel keys offer deals on food, drink, entertainment, or local attractions. The possibilities are endless! 

3. Communicate essential information to guests.

Chances are, your front desk staff hears the same questions over and over and over again. “What’s the number for room service?” “Do I contact the front desk?” “How do I access the wifi?” Simplify guest interactions by including this information on your hotel key design. Guests will be impressed by your foresight, and your staff can simply smile and point, making an interaction absolutely seamless. 

4. Don’t underestimate the power of design. 

A hotel key is a tiny 3 x 3 canvas, but great things can come in small packages. Think big with the design for your hotel key cards. What will grab the attention of your guests? Motifs by a local artist? Stripped-down minimalism? Holographic imagery? Negative space or an unusual die-cut? Even credit card companies are starting to create cards with an elevated approach to branding. Today’s consumers are incredibly aware of design. Your hotel shouldn’t be left behind because of a subpar hotel key card. 

Take Your Hotel Key Card Design To the Next Floor Up with Card Market

Ready to upgrade your hotel key card? Work with Card Market to design a functional and beautiful key card design that can be used at every single one of your locations. 

We’ll walk you through the process of ideating, planning, and implementing a stunning hotel key card design. Reach out to us to begin creating a hotel key card strategy that will help you book repeat guests.