For nearly 30 years, Card Market has based our business on providing a high level of service to all of our customers. Our commitment to customers has helped us build a reputation of excellence that we take pride in. We’re privileged to work with hundreds of individual businesses and point-of-sale data systems to create gift card solutions that increase sales. Here are four specific steps we take to help our customers thrive.

1. We Take Gift Card Commerce Off Your Plate

Whether you’re a small business or a POS provider wanting to support your merchants, our team can take care of all of your gift card needs. Our team can provide everything you need for your card—including designing, printing, encoding, wrapping, and shipping. We know that gift cards can be a hassle when there are other areas of your business that need your attention, so we work hard to take ownership of your gift card needs. That way, you can focus your attention where it’s most needed.

2. We Provide Multiple Solutions to Help You Grow Your Business

Most businesses need to provide multiple gift card solutions as a way to keep up with the changing demands and expectations of consumers. We work to help our customers meet consumer expectations by providing printed gift card services, online gift card solutions, and loyalty program cards. We also want to ensure your gift cards are being purchased by your customers. That’s why we’ve created a library of marketing tips, tricks, and resources to help businesses promote gift cards in-store and online

3. We Create Cards That Match Your Brand’s Personality

Every business is unique, and the design of your gift cards is an important purchasing factor for consumers. According to a recent Fiserv report, 69% of consumers take into account a gift card’s design when making a purchase, with another 40% saying they have made an impulse gift card purchase simply because they like the design. Our custom design services can help you create gift cards that are the perfect fit for your brand and stand out to potential customers. 

4. We Give You Peace of Mind 

Our Fraud Shield service protects your online gift card sales against fraudulent transactions and subsequent costly chargebacks. Fraud Shield takes multiple customer data points such as their billing address, IP address, email, phone, and more to return a fraud score and other information about the transaction. This happens before payment has been submitted to the processor allowing you to block a fraudulent payment before it even makes it to the processor.

Experience the Difference Gift Cards Can Make for Your Business

At Card Market, we want to see our customers thrive. We’ll do everything we can to make your gift card program a success. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is just one of the reasons we were recognized as a Gold Winner for Vendor Excellence by the Retail Solutions Provider Association in 2021.

If you’re looking to offer gift cards as a way to enhance your business, reach out to us today to learn more about our approach and discover the unique ways we can support your brand.