When you’ve invested in branded gift cards, the last thing you want is for them to end up languishing in a display next to the register…or even on the shelf underneath it. According to recent research from Gartner, 59% of a large sample of gift givers planned on giving a gift card in the next year. Gartner’s research also showed that 61% of gift receivers specifically request gift cards. Capturing this sector of the marketplace is essential for growing your brand’s income and name recognition, however, gift cards can only help your business grow when they’re in your customers’ hands! If you need a few tips for promoting your branded gift cards, we’ve got you covered. Try any of these four techniques for a gift card promotion that’s unexpected and super memorable! 

1. Set up a gift card scavenger hunt! 

If you have a strong social media following or a robust email list, this unique take on a giveaway will capture your audience’s attention and increase engagement. Take a branded gift card, and hide it somewhere in your town or city. Then, take a photograph of where the gift card is and put the pictures on all your social media channels, and send out the news to your email list. You can be as creative as you like by writing a hint in the caption or revealing more clues on social media as the day goes on. 

If you want to keep the excitement building, start with a five dollar gift card or ten dollar gift card and increase the amount to over one hundred dollars for the final scavenger hunt. This  strategy can be used multiple times and will continue to generate clicks, follows, and likes. Since consumers routinely spend over the amount on a gift card, it’s also a wonderful way to increase revenue and gain new customers. Plus, you’re highlighting your city or town by paying homage to local parks, celebrities, or attractions in your area. 

2. Donate gift cards to a worthy cause. 

Providing a gifted product or service to a charitable organization is a way of showing corporate responsibility and sharing your brand’s values, interests, and priorities. You can also choose a cause that dovetails nicely with your company’s service or product. If you manufacture winter clothes, offer a gift certificate to a local shelter. If you’re in the food and beverage industry, a generous gift card will always be welcome at a food pantry. 

As with any giveaway, social promotion is key. Don’t be timid about showcasing how you’ve helped the community. While it may feel like self-promotion, it’s actually giving current and potential buyers more information about your brand. Whether you want to support disease research, healthcare workers, or educational nonprofits, you’re giving customers a chance to support a business that shares their priorities. It might also inspire other businesses to do the same, too!   

3. Hold an online giveaway.

Speaking of social media, online giveaways offer a one-two marketing punch for your brand. You can increase your brand awareness by offering new or existing customers a risk-free way to try out a product or service. You can also increase your social media followers and interaction quotient by trying this time-tested strategy for increasing engagement. 

Traditional giveaways on social media are a dime a dozen, but they don’t have to be. For an unconventional approach, have your followers solve a puzzle, complete a playful quiz, or choose a meme to express their desire for your product or service. This type of giveaway encourages much more interaction than a typical giveaway and can help to bolster your online community and your brand identity.  

4. Target an unusual holiday. 

If there’s a topic, hobby, or interest, there’s a holiday to celebrate it! Using a calendar of unusual holidays, pinpoint a day that best matches what your brand offers. Then, promote that holiday by encouraging your customers to buy and give gift cards to celebrate that holiday! Are you a local pet groomer? Make and promote a gift card for National Dog Day, National Puppy Day, or National Cat Day. 

Turn this yearly celebration into a beloved local event by throwing a big party, hiring a band, contacting local media, and getting the word out about your business. Ever heard of Record Store Day or Small Business Saturday? These are recently created holidays that are now yearly events that communities eagerly celebrate. Get creative! Local shops, awesome restaurants, and even grocery stores can celebrate a day made just for them! 

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