Mother’s Day has long been the one special day where we collectively show our mothers some intentional love and appreciation. At Card Market we are firm believers that you don’t need a “good” reason to celebrate the ones you love; but, hey, we know no mother is complaining about a dedicated holiday that includes flowers, spa days, and all things mom!

Gift cards are excellent gifts for Mother’s Day; they are versatile, you can include a personalized message, and there’s no risk of disappointment (unlike a fuzzy sweater or obscurely scented candle). Maybe it feels as though there are an overwhelming amount of gift card options. We recommend first reflecting on your mother’s interests in order to narrow the options. Is she active? Is she creative? Is she a homebody? Does she love a good adventure? 

Consider these four gift card ideas to make your mom feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day.

1.  Self-Care

Many mothers have trouble justifying spending money from the family budget on themselves. Unfortunately, mother’s often push aside their own self-care needs and label them as “unnecessary” or “frivolous.” This couldn’t be further from the truth! We know relaxation and time to unwind is critical for every human being—let alone, busy parents!

Consider giving your mom a gift card to a spa day to show you appreciate her and understand that self-care needs are valid! If time or budget is an issue, it doesn’t have to be an entire day at the spa! Consider a facial or a quick massage.

2. Multi-Location Gift Cards

Can’t decide on a specific gift card location? Try a Visa gift card for maximum flexibility. Although it might initially sound impersonal, you and your sibling(s) and/or other parent can chip in and make the gift card cover an entire day of relaxation for your mother—brunch, the salon, and then her favorite bookstore!

3. Her Favorite Local Store

Although gift cards that can be used at multiple, nation-wide locations are a popular choice because of their flexibility, gift cards can feel very personal when you do a little research and choose your mother’s favorite local coffee shop or clothing boutique. All in all, choose wisely! Pick a location where the two of you can easily meet up and spend some quality time together over lunch or a cup of coffee. An added benefit? You are supporting the local economy by choosing a small shop in your community!

4. Pair with a Personal Touch

No matter which gift card you choose, make certain to give it a personal touch to let your mother know you put time and thought into showing your appreciation this Mother’s Day. A great way to do this is to make your gift card part of a themed gift or gift basket. For example, a “bookworm basket” with a new book, stationary, and a coffee shop gift card; or maybe a “fitness basket” with a new pair of joggers, a water tumbler, and a gift card to your mom’s favorite yoga studio. The possibilities are endless! 

Along with your themed gift, we highly recommend including a handwritten card to pair with your gift card. You may feel like you are once again a kindergartener making artwork for your mom, but we assure you, your handwritten note will be treasured for years to come.

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