Business owners work around the clock to increase their revenue, especially during the holidays. For some restaurants and retailers, the holiday season is when they ramp up their sales and marketing efforts to carry them during slower months in the new year. It’s a time-consuming challenge, and you can’t literally work around the clock because, after all, you have to sleep. 

But, what if we told you that you could increase your revenue while you slept? 

If this sounds like a dream, go ahead and pinch yourself. We can help you increase your revenue, quite literally, in your sleep through online gift card sales. Your customers can shop for gifts anytime, anywhere, and—best of all—it doesn’t add work to your already-full plate. Let’s take a look at how your business can increase gift card sales to ramp up your revenue during this unusual holiday season. 

1. Add Gift Card Sales to Your Current Website

With our two ecommerce tools—Card Market Express and Card Market Pro—you can sell gift cards from your existing website. This easy add-on provides your customers with the ability to purchase gift cards whenever the mood strikes. Our two-tiered system allows you to choose which level fits your business’s needs and budget. 

Card Market Express customers will enjoy:

  • Ability to Sell Gift Cards 24/7/365
  • Secure Payment System
  • Online Reporting
  • BOGO and Discount Programs
  • Personalized Gift Messages
  • Email Delivery Validation
  • Online Service Center Access
  • Fraud Shield Availability 
  • Virtual Gift Card Sales

Card Market Pro customers will enjoy all the benefits of Card Market Express, with the addition of:

  • Physical Gift Card Sales
  • Custom Branded Shopping Cart
  • Custom Mailing Packages

With these tools, you’ll increase your sales without adding the hassle of extra hours spent on shipping processes. When your customers make a purchase, we take care of the rest! For those with Card Market Express, as it offers the ability to sell virtual gift cards, customers will receive their digital card immediately following the purchase. For those with Card Market Pro, digital cards will be sent to your customer’s email as well; however, when they purchase physical gift cards, Card Market takes care of printing and fulfillment for you. 

Note: Prices vary. For an estimate, feel free to contact Card Market for pricing. 

2. Share Your New Offering on Multiple Marketing Channels

Card Market provides you with the tools to share your gift card options with your audience through a variety of digital channels—social media, email marketing, and more. Our digital marketing resources guide your team as you promote your gift card offerings, and with these tools, you can alert your audience to this new convenience. Customers who love your business will be delighted to know that they can now shop for their holiday gifts online while sharing their favorite products and services with those closest to them. 

3. Offer Promotions to Incentivize Holiday Customers

As you increase your holiday revenue through online gift card sales, you’ll want to incentivize your customers. Your competitors will likely offer BOGO sales and other discount programs, and your business can stay ahead of the competition by offering these types of discounts as well. Card Market can guide you there, too, as we provide our customers with a downloadable guide to encourage customer loyalty while increasing sales naturally.

Rest Easy with Increased Gift Card Sales

We can help you add gift card sales capabilities to your current website so that you can increase your holiday sales around the clock. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!