As we head into another holiday season, gift cards remain a hugely popular gift idea. A report from Square indicated that gift card sales were up 43% during the 2021 holiday season. Having a comprehensive holiday gift card strategy that includes promoting in-store holiday gift cards is essential in 2022. In fact, online gift cards have become essential for almost every restaurant or retailer in 2022. At Card Market, we expect that trend to continue based on other consumer surveys and reports.

Here are three specific reasons you should consider selling gift cards on your website this holiday season: 

1. Nearly half of consumers plan on shopping primarily online this holiday season.

One important key for selling gift cards is to “sell them where your customers are.” Convenience and customization are key to meeting buyers’ needs and expectations. According to the latest Fiserv report, 42% of consumers plan to shop mostly online this holiday season. You could miss an opportunity to connect with a significant portion of consumers this holiday season if you don’t add online gift cards to your website.

2. Online gift cards provide “last minute” gift opportunities for consumers. 

We all know those “last minute” holiday shoppers. You might even be one yourself. Gift cards are a lifesaver for consumers who wait to purchase gifts closer to the holidays. Online gift cards can be especially helpful this year as consumers are navigating market challenges. As out-of-stock notifications become more common and items become harder to find, online gift card sales will continue to rise. Online gift cards also give you a chance to promote your business during the final stretch before Christmas when free shipping deadlines pass. 

3. Online gift cards are one of the fastest-growing areas of e-commerce. 

The Paytronix Restaurant Gift Card Sales Report released in February 2022 found that e-gift sales were the highest ever in 2021. Predictions for the upcoming holiday season paint a similar picture. Holiday e-commerce sales will likely grow by 12-14% in the 2022 season. Investing in a digital gift card program now can enable you to capitalize on these trends and set you up for success in years to come. It also provides an easy way for you to increase holiday revenue in your sleep

Now is the Time to Design Your Online Gift Card Program

If you want to grow your revenue this holiday season, now is the time to ramp up your gift card program. Our team at Card Market is here to help. We can help you add gift card sales capabilities to your current website so that you can increase your holiday sales around the clock. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to start planning your gift card marketing approach.