How to Market Your Gift Cards to Parents

Is your business looking for ways to market your gift cards to parents? Maybe you own a toy store or a children’s boutique, or perhaps you sell maternity clothing or other items one might look for along their parenting journey. No matter what you sell, if parents are your target audience, there are a few proven ways that you can reach them with your gift card promotions. To help get you started, here are four ways that you can reach parents who will love your products and services. 

1. Promote Virtual Gift Cards to Help Them Save Time

As they split their time between work, parenting duties, and several other responsibilities, parents are typically running low on time and energy. So, one of the best ways to market to a parent is to show them that you can make their lives easier in small but meaningful ways. Try promoting your digital gift cards to fill this need. Busy parents who are looking for gifts will appreciate the ability to purchase a gift card and have the card immediately available. If you’re looking for new ways to promote your virtual gift cards, try these tips to build an email marketing strategy.

2. Rely on Digital Advertising

When parents are on-the-go with their little ones or taking a break at home, their phones are the best way to grab their attention. Have a gift card promotion coming up? Advertise digitally on parent-focused websites and social media. You should also ensure that your gift cards and any promotions are featured prominently on your website, where parents will see it immediately upon opening. 

3. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

While you consider digital marketing avenues, it’s vital to ensure that your mobile site is user-friendly. Your audience doesn’t have the time to fight with a difficult mobile site, and this inconvenience could be what it takes to send them to your competitor. If you’re unsure of what your current mobile experience is like, try finding information and ordering products yourself to identify potential areas for improvement. 

4. Create a Promotion to Save them Money

Parents not only love saving time but also money. Create a gift card promotion that shows them the benefits of buying from you—for example, offering a buy-one-get-one promotion where they spend a certain amount and receive a gift card. Or, you may also consider encouraging gift card sales by offering a smaller gift card for free. For example, if they buy a $100 gift card for a loved one, they could receive a $15 gift card for themselves. 

Increase Your Gift Card Revenue with Card Market

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