Merchants: Here’s Your Gift Card Marketing Checklist

Merchants know that gift cards give customers a way to share their products with others. But, gift cards can also be an incredibly effective way to boost sales and market your business. With just a little bit of strategy and hustle, merchants can turn their gift cards into a major business opportunity.

Though it will pay dividends in the long-run, creating a gift card marketing plan can seem daunting for many businesses. To help you get started, we created this gift card marketing checklist to walk you through the process.

A Gift Card Marketing Checklist

1. Make a calendar of relevant dates.

Holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are obvious choices for targeted gift card marketing campaigns, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore marketing the rest of the year. Many businesses may appeal to specific niche gift periods where they won’t be competing against many other products. A business selling warm blankets could launch a gift card campaign during the coldest weeks of the year, for instance. Fill your business calendar with dates relevant to the products or services you provide.

2. Choose one consistent design.

Like all marketing materials, gift card campaigns should have a consistent design motif that runs through everything. Choose a specific design that will commemorate the occasion to print on the gift card and then keep that consistent through all marketing materials. 

3. Plan your social media and email messaging.

Online shopping comprises an enormous share of the gift card market. Merchants can use social media and email newsletters to engage with their customers and organically guide them towards gift cards. Throughout the year, merchants should feature gift card promotions in blog and social media posts. These posts should highlight an event or item and then showcase a gift card as an option for buyers. 

4. Create an in-store display.

For merchants with brick and mortar establishments, gift card placement is a critical component of marketing. Gift cards should always have a prominent place in your store in order to catch the eye of customers who may make a last-minute gift purchase. During special marketing periods, merchants can also create special gift card displays in other parts of the store. A gift card display could work well in the greeting card or floral section of the grocery store, for example.

5. Promote your brand with your gift cards. 

Direct sales are not the only benefit that gift cards provide for merchants. Gift cards are also a great way of spreading brand awareness and of getting the word out to potential new customers. Merchants can link gift cards to specific items or a specific service they want customers to know about. Email and social media marketing for gift cards is also a great way to let customers know about your brand. 

If you’re ready to kick up your sales with gift card marketing, contact us today to learn how Card Market can help you along the way!