Commonly Asked Questions About Gift Card Printing

When it comes to designing and ordering custom gift cards for your business, there are many details to work through, making it important to team up with a knowledgeable and trustworthy gift card expert to guide you through the process. At Card Market, we offer full spectrum gift card services. As industry experts, we are prepared to answer questions that might arise for our customers at any point throughout this process. 

It’s natural for our customers to have several questions as we collaborate and plan a successful gift card campaign. Designing your gift cards, in particular, is a process that requires extra planning and care; our design center takes the stress away from creating a gift card that perfectly represents your business. 

In this article, we will discuss the answers to questions that are commonly asked by our customers regarding gift card printing. 

Can my order be completed online?

Whether it’s distance, time resources, or health precautions, we understand that many of our customers need to plan, design, and place their gift card order virtually. With this in mind, we ask that our clients send their artwork virtually, so that our team can get to work right away!

We prefer vector art in EPS, PDF, or AI file formats, but we also accept layered PSD files and high res JPG and PNG files as long as they do not have template lines flattened to the art. 

Will I get a proof before placing my order?

After you send us your chosen artwork, we can get started. A customer service representative will send you a link so that you  are then able to approve or request changes to your artwork virtually. The lead time for a new proof is 2-3 business days, 1-2 business days for a reorder, and only one day for just an edit.

If you prefer a physical gift card proof (we call this a press proof), we are also able to create and mail this to you for approval.

How long will it take to print my cards?

Now that you have utilized our design center to create the perfect gift card for your business, you are probably anxious to have them available to display in your store. Good news—we work hard to design, print, and deliver your gift cards as quickly as possible!

Our standard lead time for printing cards is 5-7 business days, but if your order is completed sooner than that, we promise to deliver!

How much do cards cost?

We understand that you would probably like to budget for gift card expenses up-front; however, we do not have a flat fee for our gift cards. The total cost depends upon the specifications of your order.

We only charge for the cards, art, and shipping, therefore there is no monthly swipe fee. Any monthly or swipe fee will be charged by the third party payment processor.

Do you have additional questions not listed above? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!