Card Marketing Services and Sterling Card Solutions Launches as New Brand—Card Market

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (April 26, 2021)—Card Marketing Services and Sterling Card Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new brand, Card Market. After more than 25 years of building a trusted reputation, this full-service gift card solution provides the same fast, friendly, and efficient service that its customers have come to expect—with a new name and a new look.

Over nearly three decades, the company worked to serve its ever-evolving customer base through multiple additions of products and services, as well as brand acquisitions. Years of significant growth and change called for a consolidation of brands into one cohesive identity—Card Market. The company’s primary goal is to see its customers succeed and thrive in their respective markets, and this brand launch is a testament to that goal and a commitment to the future.

Card Market provides efficient solutions for everything from gift card printing and promotion to order fulfillment and reporting. Its streamlined set of tools allows its customers to sell physical and virtual gift cards, increasing their brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue—three elements that are especially crucial for businesses to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One especially powerful resource for merchants is Card Market’s Pro platform. Through Card Market Pro, merchants can add a customizable shopping cart to their existing website. This tool creates a quick and easy way for patrons to purchase physical and virtual gift cards wherever they are, whenever the impulse strikes, creating opportunities for customer satisfaction and business growth.

Illustrating its commitment to customer success, Card Market—then Card Marketing Services—designed a plan to help struggling businesses at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic’s shutdowns and decreased capacity. By waiving all fees associated with the setup of its Card Market Pro solution and providing complimentary web hosting and gift cards, Card Market provided merchants with an avenue to increase sales and regain stability.

Customer support is a core value that Card Market will carry into its new brand. “We’ve been here for nearly three decades, serving our customers and helping them thrive throughout every stage of their business. We are proud to continue providing that top-notch customer care under the Card Market name,” says Mark Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Card Market.

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About Card Market

Formerly Card Marketing Services and Sterling Card Solutions, Card Market is a gift card solutions company that is headquartered in Nolensville, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Partnering with gift card processors and point of sale systems, Card Market produces cards for use with a variety of gift, loyalty, and promotional programs. To learn more about Card Market’s products and services, please visit